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Did you Know?

  • The northern wall, famous in the siege of Delhi in 1857, extends three-quarters of a mile from the Water bastion to the Shah, commonly known as the Mori, bastion; the length of the west wall from this bastion to the Ajmere gate is 14 m.
  • Old Delhi was the capitol of the Muslim empires between the 17th and 19th centuries.
  • Delhi seems to be enjoying her new yard and all of the regular pampering that she has grown so accustomed to.
  • Delhi has some of the finest museums in the country.
  • For the next many decades, Delhi witnessed tumultuous times, different rulers and dynasties and finally in 1803 AD, the British who had already established their presence in India, took over power in Delhi.
  • One of the most fascinating aspects of Delhi is the visibility of its historic past.
  • The great wall of Delhi, which was constructed by Shah Jahan, was strengthened by the English by the addition of a ditch and glacis, after Delhi was captured by Lord Lake in 1803; and its strength was turned against the British at the time of the Mutiny.
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