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Did you Know?

  • Christine's stalker causes an electrical blackout in the hotel, gets into her room and tries to overpower her.
  • All-Hotels is working with many new discount hotel suppliers to ensure that you get some of the cheapest rates on the Internet.
  • The 17th annual bash is beind held at a couple of venues and the host hotel is the Wyndham Palm Springs which is where the daily pool party is being held.
  • As if we aren't already cool enough, the Hotel Triton is proud to be recognized as one of the top ecological, environmentally friendly and proactive hotels in San Francisco.
  • All-Hotels is one of the largest online hotel reservation companies - we have every kind of lodging including cheap hotels, discount motels, discount hotels and luxury 5-star accommodation all over the world!
  • Urban adventure, daredevil design, and true affordability meet in Hudson, the ultimate lifestyle hotel for the 21st century.
  • A funky hotel lobby, some parts cool DJs, a couple ofbling bling bartenders, some of the best tunes in the world and voila youve got Fox Bar!
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