#2Kibber 59 59

#4Kaza 37 37

#7Saharan 22 22

#8Nako 17 17

#9Tabo 16 16

#11Taj Mahal 13 10

#12Agra 13 10

#14Jama Masjid 11 8

#15Kalpa 10 10

Did you Know?

  • India was founded as a secular state, but the partition of British India in 1947 into India and Pakistan sparked riots and led to the largest migration in history.
  • India can do many thing on robotics, software as india has the merits has the devotation, has the human resources nad the power,but they have to realize what they are doing how they are doing need a proper vision with out politics intension or communualism.
  • India has many fantastic things (you’ve mentioned many of them and i agree with you), but the problems are not going to dissapear only if you hide them or if you only speak the positive things.
  • India's labor laws, which require companies employing more than 100 employees to seek government permission to fire employees, remain an obstacle to exploiting India's full economic potential in both the manufacturing and service sectors.
  • Groups in India campaigning against Coca-Cola have rejected the choice of TERI as the independent assessor of Coca-Cola's operations in India.
  • In India, visitors are warned to exercise caution when in the vicinity of government installations, popular tourism sites, or when attending any public event throughout the country.
  • India and neighbouring Pakistan sometimes engage in a war of words via their respective media, occasionally banning relays of broadcasts from the other country.
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