#2Kibber 59 59

#4Kaza 37 37

#7Saharan 22 22

#8Nako 17 17

#9Tabo 16 16

#11Taj Mahal 13 10

#12Agra 13 10

#14Jama Masjid 11 8

#15Kalpa 10 10

Did you Know?

  • India's cable TV market is one of the world's largest, with more than 60 million subscribers, although growth slowed in 2005.
  • India and the Clinton-Bush administrations: why friction to friendship in the aftermath of India's nuclear testing is not likely to......
  • NEW DELHI: India is readying for some tough negotiations with the US when the two begin a crucial round of talks on Monday on finalising the contours of the bilateral civil nuclear agreement that will govern...
  • Spread in the area of 3.28 million sq kms, it comprises of 28 states such as Punjab, Maharashtra, Haryana, Goa etc. and seven union territories with a parliamentary form of government.
  • Groups in India campaigning against Coca-Cola have rejected the choice of TERI as the independent assessor of Coca-Cola's operations in India.
  • India 1700-1792 from The Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, 1923 (645K)
  • India and Pakistan have held various talks about the disputed territory of Kashmir, which is the issue at the base of their chronic antagonism and their displays of nuclear strength.
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