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Did you Know?

  • This is a view of airport that is in the middle of the city as seen from the KL Tower.
  • Overlooking the Petronas Towers is the KL Tower.
  • We went up to KL Tower for skyline city gaze and moon gazing on the eve of the Moon Cake Festival.
  • KL TOWER - PART II Upon ascending the gentle slope of the hill, you will catch a glimpse of the KL Tower standing tall, erect and elegant beckoning every visitor to have a closer look at her.
  • It was the tallest tower in Asia and the 3rd tallest in the world and it also claims to house the highest McDonald's in the World but, as you can't actually buy burgers from it (just drinks and sundaes), this is stretching the definition of what constitutes a McDonald's.
  • We were initially worried about getting to KL Tower for the stage start, since neither Andrew nor I knew the way there.
  • We were only halfway up the towers, the view was better at KL Tower, so i guess it didn't really live up to its hype.
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