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Did you Know?

  • It was the tallest tower in Asia and the 3rd tallest in the world and it also claims to house the highest McDonald's in the World but, as you can't actually buy burgers from it (just drinks and sundaes), this is stretching the definition of what constitutes a McDonald's.
  • The Petronas Towers have 88 floors and the connecting bridge is at the 42nd floor.
  • Although the towers designed by Cesar Pelli were completed in 1998, they looked like they were torn from the pages of a science fiction novel set fifty years in the future.
  • KL Tower opens from 10am till 10pm daily if I am not mistaken........I am pretty sure bout the closing but not the opening hrs.
  • When you reach the entrance of the KL Tower, the journey up the escalifting lift does not take long, only a mere five minutes trip of total smoothness and quietness.
  • At this level there are 9 shops, a fast food restaurant, a mini-theatre, which shows a documentary on the construction of the tower (every 15 minutes) and an open-air amphitheatre (222 seats).
  • When you arrive at the base of the tower there is a security guard in a booth.
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