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List of Planets

Hunted Facts on planets
  • Planet is an awesome 'river of news' feed reader.
  • Planet is currently under regular development, the latest code can be obtained using Bazaar.
  • Planet may be used, modified, copied and distributed under the same terms as Python.
  • Panel showing positions of planets and a selected asteroid or comet, both geocentric and from the observer's location.
  • The “Full” version of Home Planet includes everything in the Lite edition, plus the larger databases, images, and sound files, which increase the size of the download to more than 13 megabytes—more than many people are comfortable downloading on dial-up connections.
  • It used to be included with Home Planet, but has been broken out into a separate package to reduce download time for Home Planet users who have no interest in the screen saver.
  • Ocean Planet, premiered at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History from April 1995 to April 1996, where it attracted nearly two million visitors.
  • Learn more about the project by reading an overview of the exhibition, a message from the curator, or a copy of the final report which presents information about visitation, educational programming and materials, publicity, and the results of the visitor studies.
  • Learn about the variety of educational materials associated with Ocean Planet, including a set of lessons and marine science activities which adapt several themes of the exhibition for use in the middle and high school classroom.
  • Uranian planets, or ice giants, are a sub-class of gas giants, distinguished from true Jovians by their depletion in hydrogen and helium and a significant composition of rock and ice.

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