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Moon, Satellite of Earth
  • Moon
Hunted Facts on satellites
  • Satellite television transmits and broadcast signals from satellites orbiting the Earth.
  • The viewer's dish picks the signal from the satellite and passes it on to the receiver in the viewer's house.
  • The satellite tv receiver processes the signal and passes it on to a television.
  • The satellite reception is instead being used to support a summer field mission in South America.
  • Satellite imagery of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Atlantic Ocean from METEOSAT-7.
  • The global composite satellite maps are courtesy of the NCEP Aviation Weather Center in Kansas City Missouri.
  • The general criterion for an object to be a satellite is that the center of mass (known as the Barycenter) of the two objects is inside the primary object.
  • Navigation satellites are satellites which use radio time signals transmitted to enable mobile receivers on the ground to determine their exact location.
  • Weather satellites are satellites that primarily are used to monitor Earth's weather and climate.
  • The first national network of satellite television, called Orbita, was created in Soviet Union in 1967, and was based on the principle of using the highly-elliptical Molniya satellite for re-broadcasting and delivering of TV signal to ground downlink stations.

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