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Did you Know?

  • The steel sky bridge on the 41st & 42nd floor is an open area.
  • Outside Suria KLCC mall is the 20-hectare KLCC park, which is also part of the KLCC project.
  • Surprisingly this is a Singapore franchise as I thought it was American based.
  • KLCC Property may consider buying some properties within the Kuala Lumpur City Centre project, where the Petronas Twin Towers are located, when they are completed.
  • For a prestigous place like Suria KLCC, they should not only mantain the outlook and quality of the place but the safety of the visitors who goes there.
  • At the KLCC, a luxurious lifestyle awaits you, heightened by the excitement and glamour of a modern city.
  • The last of his friends who joined them at the ground floor of the KLCC about 20 minutes later said the smoke kept getting thicker and visibility was about half-a-metre only along the corridor outside the movie rooms.
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