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Africa LocationStands to be second largest continent having 30,370,000 sq km area and account 14% of total population. Africa is considered by most paleoanthropologists to be the oldest inhabited territory on Earth, with the human species originating from the continent. During the middle of the twentieth century, anthropologists discovered many fossils and evidence of human occupation perhaps as early as 7 million years ago.

Countries in Africa

Animals in Africa

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Ten Facts about Africa

  1. Africa has become an attractive and profitable dumping ground for nations and arm manufacturers eager to get rid of weapon stocks made superfluous by the end of the Cold War or by technological developments.
  2. Islamism has found in Africa a boundless sphere of conquest, and its uninterrupted spread, from the seventh century down to the present time, among all the races of the continent is one of the most remarkable facts of history.
  3. Oil, which could potentially have allowed Nigeria to be one of the wealthiest countries in Africa has instead led it to become one of the poorest.
  4. One conflict in Africa that has taken a long time to get appropriate media attention, with regards to its severity, is that of the conflict of ordinary African people with HIV and AIDS.
  5. Empires rose and fell in Africa thousands of years before the European powers began their protracted exploitation of the continent, and much pre-colonial culture remains intact.
  6. Africa leads the world in adventurous and adrenalin activities.
  7. Africa's largest country is Sudan, and its smallest country is the Seychelles, an archipelago off the east coast.
  8. Africa is the oldest inhabited territory on earth, with the human species originating from the continent.
  9. Africa is composed of 56 nations, the vast majority of which are republics that operate under some form of the presidential system of rule.
  10. Nearly 470 million tons of wood were consumed in homes in sub-Saharan Africa in the form of firewood and charcoal, more wood per capita than any other region in the world.


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