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Is the coldest and dryest continent having area of around 9,008,500 sq km. Virtually no part of human population lives here, there are just about 1000-2000 odd population.

Countries in Antartica

There are no countries over here.

Ten Facts about Antartica

  1. Antarctica is considered to be part of the theoretical super-continent known as Gondwanaland, which separated near the end of the Paleozoic era and consisted of South America, Africa and Australia.
  2. The continent of Antarctica was practically untouched by human activities until the end of the nineteenth century.
  3. Antarctica has no permanent residents, but a number of governments maintain permanent research stations on the continent.
  4. Antarctica is a land of extremes: it is the coldest and driest continent on Earth and has the highest average elevation of any continent.
  5. Millions of years ago, Antarctica was warmer and wetter, and supported the Antarctic flora, including forests of podocarps and southern beech.
  6. All birds in Antarctica are web-footed, except the Antarctic pigeon, and migrate to the north in early autumn.
  7. Antarctica also is the highest continent on earth, with an average elevation of 7,380 feet.
  8. Antarctica is home to more than 70 lakes that lie thousands of metres under the surface of the continental ice sheet.
  9. Antarctica is known as the world's largest desert because it receives an average of 2" of snow per year in the interior.
  10. The highest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica was 14.6 C (58.3 F) in Hope Bay.

Antartica Map

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