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This beautiful city is at a distance of just 19 kilometers from the port of Fremantle on the shores of the Swan River. This capital city is nearby South East Asia. Perth has reliable sunshine for around 8 hours a day throughout the year. Hence the city is termed as the sunniest capital in Australia. It was, previously, regarded as the most remote city in the world. Today, this place attracts a large number of tourists due to its vast international appeal.

Perth, spread over three parallel land strips, its coastal dunes and reef is about 6 kms wide. The coastal plain with swamps and sand hills is approximately 16 kms wide. The most attractive feature of Perth is the Swan River.

The city is bordered by the Swan River to the south and east and links Perth to its port, Fremantle. Northbridge, to the north, is a favorite restaurant area. One comes across Indian Ocean beaches towards the west of the city. The old court house is the oldest building, which was built in 1836. The city is approximately 156 years old.

Perth Zoo

In 1897, the Director of Melbourne Zoo, Mr Albert Le Souef chose the South Perth site for the proposed zoo, at the invitation of Western Australian Acclimatization Committee. The Perth Zoo commenced its working from 1898 with two lions, a tiger and six staff members.

An elephant ride on Renee was provided. One could be able to feed the monkeys, picnic on the lawns and take a mineral bath in the natural hot springs. There are provisions for a dip in the waters and a relaxing massage. The zoo facilitates you with tea rooms serving Devonshire tea.

The Zoo oval holds evening concerts. The oval, now the African Savannah exhibit, made the Zoo train ride available to the public. The place even arranged the baby shows, marching girl competitions, and fireworks displays.

On 25th July 1902, the Duke and Duchess of York planted two Norfolk Island pine trees, referred to as the King and Queen trees, in the Zoo. Because of the sandy condition of the soil, during the first eight years of planting, two loads of manure were collected twice a day by horse and cart from East Perth. This was done in order to improve structure of the soil. Many of the palms and bamboo were planted. The Zoo now has the finest display of plants in Western Australia.

Perth Zoo today, houses around 1200 animals from 230 different species, looked after by a staff of about 105. The Zoo aims to provide experiences of wild animals which would otherwise be unavailable to people. It is more engaged in the cultural activities needed to educate the people.

Many changes have been made taking note of the vision of the zoo. Cement and wire enclosures have been replaced with naturalistic exhibits.

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