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Egeskov Castle, Denmark

The largest and the most interactive city in the whole land of Denmark is Copenhagen. This fascinating city with church steeples and the most historical and cultural places, also displays parks, gardens and water fountains that add to the beauty of the city. Copenhagen's metropolitan area plays abode to more than 25% of Denmark's population.

Arhus is located on the Jutland peninsula's Eastern Shore and is easily accessible by air, road and rail routes. Being the cultural centre of Jutland, Arhus is termed as an active city displaying Denmark's best music and entertainment scenes. The entertainment category offers symphony performances, theatres and night owl cafe life. One of the most visited places in Denmark is Den Gamle By (Old Town), which is an open-air museum that houses 75 restored buildings.

Most of the buildings here are half-timbered 17th and 18th century houses. Denmark's largest church is the Arhus Domkirke cathedral, which possesses an original Romanesque chapel that dates back to the 12th century. Vor Frue Kirke takes pride in holding Denmark's oldest chapel, which dates back to 1060. The Moesgard museum displays Bronze and Iron Age collections. A major attraction at the museum is the 2000-year-old Grauballe man.

Christiania has achieved political exemption and has not many restricting laws. But the locals allow no hard drugs, no weapons, no violence, no trading with buildings or residential areas. The area provides free availability of cannabis products. No photographs of Christiania are allowed to be taken. Two major Danish breweries, Carlsberg and Tuborg are located here, the latter being situated in the suburb of Hellerup, North Copenhagen. A major benefactor of the arts in Denmark is Carlsberg. The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (near the Tivoli gardens) houses a collection of historic artifacts.

Nationalmuseet (National Museum) possesses an impressive collection of distinctive prehistoric finds (Viking age gold treasures, etc). To the North of Copenhagen lies Frilandsmuseet. This place is an open-air museum presenting the folk architecture in Denmark. It can be accessed by train or bus.

Ribe, the most ancient town of Scandinavia, is an excavation zone for silver coins. It is situated in Southern Jutland and is easily accessible by trains from Esbjerg (40 minutes) and Tonder (50 minutes). The town dates back to the 9th century and resembles a living history museum. It now displays warped streets and semi-timbered 16th-century huts.

The Ribe Cathedral forms the town's dominant landmark. A short climb (about 27m) up the cathedral's 14th-century tower gives a fascinating view of the nearby countryside. A major attraction of this place is the Ribes Vikinger, a huge museum that displays Ribe's Viking and medieval history. Towards the south of the town center lies the Vikingecenter, that displays the 34-metre Fyrkat-style longhouse.

Mons Klint
All fabulous white chalk cliffs collectively form the Mons Klint. These cliffs rise 128 m above sea level and give a spectacular view of the most stunning landscapes in Denmark. The cliffs were formed around 5000 years ago when calcareous deposits were uplifted from the ocean floor. Thick forests and lush greenery adorn the surrounding areas. This place is situated on the island Mon, South of Zealand and is connected by bridge. It can be easily accessible by bus.

Egeskov Castle
Egeskov Castle is located south of Odense on the island of Funen. It is easily accessible by train and bus. The castle houses a moat and a drawbridge and has been long termed as the Renaissance gem. It was built in 1554, amidst a small lake called Egeskov (oak forest). The castle offers an expansive 15-hectare park surrounding it, which was designed in the mid-1700s.

The castle boasts of exclusive hedges, peacocks and manicured English gardens. The interiors are adorned with antique furnishings that include marvellous paintings and hunting trophies. Those who have a craving for mazes are in for a big and beautiful surprise. The castle offers a 200-year-old maze, which is made of 3-metre high bamboo shoots. The castle also provides viewers, an antique car museum, believed to display about 300 period cars.

Legoland is situated to the north of the small Jutland town of Bliiund. It is at a distance of a km from here. A major attraction for the tourists, who wish to take a break from their otherwise rusty routines, this place is a 10-hectare theme park, built from plastic Lego blocks. The place takes pride in being the country's most toured attraction outside Copenhagen.

A must-see at this place is the three-million-block Port of Copenhagen, which is an elaborate reconstruction. It exhibits electronically controlled ships, trains and cranes. Billund is Denmark's second-busiest airport, thanks to Legoland. This place is easily accessible from Billund or Vejle by bus and at times, by train too.

Christiansø is a scintillating 17th century island fortress. The place is an hour's sail to the northeast of Bornholm. This island has not yet been commercialised and is therefore termed as an 'unspoiled reserve'. Small granite islands are collectively as Ertholmene. Christians is connected to its smaller sister island, Frederiks, by a footbridge.

There is a wildlife refuge called Græsholm, which lies to the northwest of Christiansø. The refuge is an important breeding ground for razorbill, guillemot and other seabirds. Another attraction of this place is the Store Tarn (Great Tower), which was built in 1684. It has a diameter of 25 meters.

The tower possesses a century-old lighthouse, which offers splendid scenery of the surrounding cluster of islands. The Lille Tarn (Little Tower) is a famous local history museum, which displays the fishing supplies, hand tools, iron works, cannons, period furnishings, models and a local flora and fauna exhibit.

Ero is a tranquil island housing small villages, hills and farms. Thatched houses and old windmills beautify this spectacular countryside. Eroskobing, nearby, is a prosperous merchant town, which hosts half-timbered houses adorned with handblown glass windows. The Flaskeskibssamlingen museum is dedicated to a local sailor nicknamed Bottle Peter. He had created 1700 ships-in-a-bottle, many of which are in handblown bottles. This place is accessible by car ferries from Funen and Faaborg.

Skagen has been a fishing port for centuries together. The landscape of the peninsula has fine fascinating beaches. The Skagens Museum offers amazing paintings. At the northernmost point of Denmark lies the long stretch of sand at Grenen. This place is at a distance of 3km to the northeast of Skagen.

The Buried Church, a great attraction for the tourists, is a whitewashed ancient church tower over the sand dunes. The church was closed in 1795 due to sand drifts that kept blocking the doorway. Skagen is located in the northern part of Jutland and can be accessed rail as well as road.

Jutland is a place that offers umpteen natural beauty and fascinating landscapes. Astounding lakes, hills, forests, heaths, moors, marsh and dunes embellish this mesmerizing countryside of Jutland. To the North Sea Coast, the place plays abode to Europe's most serene and amazing beaches.

Vejle and the Jelling Stones
Vejle is an ideal place for starting excursions. This land is decked with beautiful beech forests on either side. Unusually steep hills, terrain forests and fascinating landscapes add to its beauty.

It is at a distance of 28 km to the west of Vejle. A small attractive town, the place houses "Miniland", which offers many models of cities, palaces, and harbors, made of Legos. The main attractions here are the Amalienborg Palace and the Bavaria's Neuschwandstein Castle, along with a Dutch town, a Norwegian fishing village and an oil refinery. Mount Rushmore and the U.S. Capitol are a few more of the most visited tourist attractions. Denmark's second largest airport is situated here. "Museum Center Billund" displays a collection of vintage cars and aircraft.

The "Mid West"
The central and western parts of Jutland display a wide variety of enchanting wildernesses. Towards the west of Viborg lie two old chalk mines, Daugbjerg and Monsted. These places offer the facility of guided tours. The land also hosts an open-air museum at Hjerl Hede displaying Iron Age life. Towards the West Coast, lies a large lagoon Ringkøbing Fjord, which forms an ideal abode to the birds. A bird sanctuary called Tipperne is housed here.

The Limfjord and Himmerland
Limfjord, towards the west, is an ideal yachting place. It houses the island of Mors that has innumerable enthralling scenic locales. Towards the northern part of the island, lies the cliff of Hanklit. It consists of fossilized diatomers and a certain type of clay found nowhere else in the world.

One of the major attractions at this place is the large bird sanctuary at Bygholm Vejle. The place is 20 kms to the east of the Thisted. The remains of a circular Viking fort named "Fyrkat" can be found near the Hobro city. The Rold Forest and the Rebild Hills (Rebild Bakker) are situated amidst Himmerland. The land plays abode to a museum featuring the life aspects of Danish immigrants.

North of the Limfjord - Vendsyssel
Blokhus and Lokken are places with the most popular resorts in Scandinavia. Løkken makes available for tourists, a wide range of hotels, restaurants and campgrounds. A little towards the north lies the small hamlet of Lonstrup. Towards the south of Lønstrup lies an old lighthouse at Rubjerg Knude. Previously, it was converted into a museum.

Hirtshals is a very important fishing port and is also a gateway to Norway, facilitating ferries to Kristians and Oslo. The North Sea research centre built in 1981 holds a North Sea Museum that exhibits an aquarium. It is situated nearby the highway. The coastline holds excellent beaches that are usually less crowded. The migrating dune of "Rabjerg Mile" lies here, which is an absolute must-see. Between Rabjerg Mile and Skagen is the famous "buried church".

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