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Vikings Fighting, Denmark

The Danish language of the German origin prevails in this country. It bears a very strong resemblance to Scandinavia. The Danish cinema has managed to attract crowds of late. The Royal Danish Ballet, performed in Copenhagen's Royal Theatre from autumn to spring, is viewed as the finest and the best in Northern Europe.

A leading country in the industrial designs, Denmark boasts of everything from architecture to furniture and silverware. The traditional folk costumes, celebration of traditional festivals and customs is not much prevalent in this country. A complete Danish meal has smorrebrod ('buttered bread') and an open-faced sandwich. Also regular are the fish, meat and potatoes.

Distinctive Danish dishes have flaskesteg (roast pork with crackling), gravad laks (cured or salted salmon marinated in dill and served with a sweet mustard sauce) and hvid labskovs (a stew made of square cuts of beef boiled with potatoes, bay leaves and pepper).

The country proudly boasts of another specialty, the rich pastry known wienerbrod, which is a must-eat. Excellent beers are produced in Denmark's Carlsberg and Tuborg breweries.

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