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Equestrian Statue, Denmark

Danish monarchy is supposed to be the world's oldest. Nomadic hunters first came to Denmark and skill and artistry entered in the 1800 BC. The artistic items, products of the Danes, were buried in quagmires for sacrificial safekeeping. Agricultural communities slowly developed. In the 9th century, the Norwegian Viking chieftain Hardegon conquered the Jutland peninsula. His grandson, Harald Bluetooth completed the conquest, and conversion into Christianity came into existence.

The late 14th century witnessed dynasty intermarriage. Norway remained under Danish rule for another three centuries. The 16th century faced Reformation through the country. The war terminated in 1536. The Danish Lutheran church was established then under the rule of the monarchy. King Christian IV ruled for the first half of the 17th century. Some decades later, King Frederick III gave a new turn to the civil development and reform. The Napoleonic Wars inflicted heavy damage on Denmark in 1801.

A democratic Denmark was later formed in June 1849 bringing constitutional monarchy into existence. The country still provides its citizens with extensive cradle-to-grave security. It voted to join the European Community. Iceland was under Danish rule since 1380 and it became completely independent in 1944. The Kingdom of Denmark still includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands, but both are essentially self-governing.

The Faroe Islands has had home rule since 1948, Greenland since 1979. As Denmark retains responsibility for their banking, defense and foreign relations, Greenland and the Faroe Islands each have two parliamentary representatives in the Danish Folketing. Unlike Denmark, however, neither Greenland nor the Faroe Islands is part of the EU.

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