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Germany wears its riches well. Elegant big-city charm, pagan-inspired harvest festivals, a wealth of art and culture and the perennial pleasures of huge tracts of forest are all there for enjoying. Germany is an excellent introduction to Europe for the first-time traveler. English is widely spoken, the country is clean and functional, and the tourism infrastructure is well established. Despite the setbacks Germans have faced in two world wars, they have meticulously restored their historic areas and forests, the smaller villages retain their quaintness and scenic treasures.

But Germany's history, both recent and still in the making, weighs heavily. No visitor will remain untouched by this country's complex past and the way it affects the nation today.


A parliamentary republic, the head of state is the federal president, who is elected by a Federal Convention to a five-year term, the head of government is the federal chancellor, who is elected by the Bundestag (Federal Assembly) on the proposal of the Federal President, the Legislature is bicameral and made up of the Bundestag, with 672 members, and the Bundesrat (Federal Council), with 68 members. Voting age is 18.

Important Cities

  1. Berlin (Capital)
  2. Frankfurt
  3. Heidelberg
  4. Munich
  5. Stuttgart
  6. Dusseldorf
  7. Hannover
  8. Hamburg
  9. Nuremberg
  10. Cologne
  11. Leipzig
  12. Bremen
  13. Dresden
  14. Karlsruhe
  15. Mannheim
  16. Dortmund
  17. Essen
  18. Wurzburg
  19. Kiel
  20. Bielefeld

Main Industires

  1. Chemicals
  2. Textiles
  3. Cement
  4. Steel
  5. Iron
  6. Food and Beverages
  7. Electronics
  8. Machinery

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