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Mole National Park, Ghana

Mole National Park
It is one of the best equipped nature reserves in Ghana. This park was established in 1971 and covers more than 5000 sq kms. Wildlife that can be seen includes lions, buffalos, birds etc.

Kakum National Park
Kakum National Park is located about 20 Kms. from Cape Coast. Wildlife that can be seen includes elephants, bongo antelopes, monkeys, rare birds, butterflies, amphibians and reptiles. The main attraction in this park is the canopy walkway suspended 30m above the forest floor.It is made of steel cable and narrow wooden planks and are connected by tree platforms..

Lake Volta
Volta Lake is the largest manmade lake on earth. There are facilities for sailing, water-skiing and other watersports on this lake. Akosombo Dam was built on Volta River in 1964. The damming of the Volta River created the enormous Lake Volta. This Lake occupies a sizeable portion of Ghana's southeastern territory.

Larabanga Mosque
It is situated five miles North of Mole National Park. It is believed by locals that this mosque is built by God.

The National Museum, Accra
The National Museum has a large collection of Ghanaian art.

Digya National Park

Bui National Park

Boti Falls , Eastern Region

Wli Falls, Volta Region

Mount Afadjato , Volta Region

Nini-Suhien National Park

Castla of Elmina, Central Region

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