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Surfing, Maldives

Maldives has a huge variety of activities tourists can indulge in, if they tire of lazing around on the sun-kissed beaches. Maldives is a dream come true for any marine enthusiast. This garland of islands is one of the last unspoiled places on Earth - the last Paradise on this planet. It has been described as an ethereal abstract painting. The treasure that Maldives unfolds to the visitor as the search continues, through the Maldivian spectrum of blues; be it among other things by diving, taking a leisurely cruise or fishing.

Cruise the deep blue Indian Ocean discovering new islands and experiencing the real Maldives. The island-country offers splendid opportunities to go scuba diving, surfing, fishing, cruising, paragliding... the list is endless. So take your pick or better still try them all. It promises to take your breath away. Not only will you discover aspects of the planet denied to most people, but you end up making a lot of good friends as well!

Water Sports
Maldives and water sports are synonymous with each other. Resorts in Maldives offer a wide variety of water sports. Almost all resorts offer diving and snorkeling, while some have professional windsurf schools with qualified instructors offering multi-lingual certified courses. Still others offer the basics needed for the windsurf enthusiast. The windsurf schools or water sports centers in the resorts, more often than not are also equipped with one or more catamarans and a few kayaks or canoes.

Maldives has always tried to maintain the delicate balance between tourism and ecology and hence there are some resorts offer only non-motorized water sports as a rule, to avoid disturbing the peace. However many of the resorts offer you the chance of testing your skills to the limits at water-skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, body surfing, knee boarding and fun with a banana riding and ringo riding.

Banana riding has become a popular pastime at resorts. This involves up to a dozen people climbing onto a giant, inflatable banana which is then dragged around a lagoon by a speedboat. Coconut volleyball is only a matter of time. And if that is not enough to satiate your appetite for adventure then you can go on a romantic sunset sail or go island hopping in catamarans or small dhonis. So feel the adrenaline rush as you have the adventure of a life time!

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