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Flower Nepal is such a small country that you'd probably miss it if you weren't looking for it on a map. Sharing borders with India, it is a Hindu kingdom with an eclectic mix of race, art and religion. A very poor country yet very versatile in what it has to offer the traveler, Nepal is definitely a destination to look out for. Well developed tourist facilities, excellent for adventure tourism and wildlife and national parks par excellence make this small hilly nation quite ideal for honeymooners and intrepid travelers alike.

The Gorkhas of this region are famous for their sheer grit, their fighting abilities, and their loyalty and in fact the Indian Army even has a Gorkha Regiment.

How could talk of Nepal be complete without mention of the Sherpas? Sherpa Tenzing Norgay the most famous among them. Hardy, stocky and determined, they are a people who seem to have been born to face the travails of living in unfriendly conditions. Without them the various mountaineering expeditions would definitely be handicapped.

So be it casinos, national parks, shopping, river rafting or taking an elephant safari, make Nepal your destination this millennium.


Nepal, a sovereign Independent Kingdom, lies between 80 degree 12' east longitude and 26 degree 22' and 30 degree 27' north latitude. It is bounded on the north by the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China; on the east by Sikkim and West Bengal of the Indian Union on the south by Indian States of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and on the west by Uttar Pradesh of Indian Union. The length of the Kingdom is 885 kilometers east-west and its breath varies from 145 to 241 kilometers north-south. Climatically, it lies in the temperate zone with the added advantage of altitude.


The country can be divided into three main geographic regions:

Himalayan Region : The altitude of this region ranges between 4877 meters and 8848 meters with the snow line running around 48848 meters. It includes 8 of the existing 14 summits in the world which exceed an altitude of 8000 meters. They represent. (1) Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) 8848 m, (2) Kangchenjunga - 8586 m, (3) Lhotse - 8516m, Makalu - 8463m, (5) ChoOyo- 8201 m, (6) Dhaulagiri - 8167m, (7) Manaslu - 8163m, and Annapurna- 8091 m.

Mountain Region : This region accounts for about 64 percent to total land area. It is formed by the Mahabharat range that soars upto 4877 meters. To its south lies the lower Churia range whose altitude varies from 610 meters to 1524 meters.

Terai Region : The low-land Terai region which has a width of about 26 to 32 kilometers and a maximum altitude of 305 meters, which occupies about 17% of total land area of the country. Kechanakawal the lowest point of the country with an altitude of 70 meters lies in Jhapa District of the eastern Terai.


Climate in Nepal varies from cool summers and severe winters in north to subtropical summers and mild winters in south. Nepal has two seasons the dry season from October to May and the rainy, monsoon season from June to September. Early spring (March to April) and late autumn (October and November) are the best times to visit, and also offer the clearest mountain views and good weather. From December to February there is snow on the mountains with freezing temperatures, while in summer months from June to August temperature can be very hot for general traveler.

Important Cities

  1. Kathmandu (Capital)
  2. Pokhara
  3. Birat Nagar
  4. Bhairawa
  5. Taplejung
  6. Patan
  7. Lumbini
  8. Bhaktapur
  9. Chitwan

Main Industires

  1. Tourism
  2. Jute
  3. Cement and Brick Production
  4. Rice
  5. Sugar
  6. Cigarette
  7. Textile

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