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Trekking in Nepal

The Nepal Himalaya has always been known as "The abode of the Gods". The Himalayas is the youngest and highest mountain chain on earth. A full third of it stretches to create the formidable Great Himalayan Range of 800 kilometers which extends into Nepal. It has a convergence of 1,310 magnificent peaks over 6,000 meters, including 8 of the world's highest 14 peaks all well above 8000 meters. Nestling within these unique vistas of soaring summits is a profusion of lofty foothills, the home of the Nepalese who delight in warm hospitality and friendship. These verdant terraced hills meander down to lush green valleys with turbulent rivers and to the tropical lowland and jungles teaming with countless wildlife.

Because of its varied topography Nepal is a popular destination for trekkers, mountaineers as well as river rafters. Many foreign visitors come to trek one or more beautiful trekking regions. To trek, one does not have to be bizarre, neither a mountaineer nor an athlete. Anyone with a pair of strong legs and the spirit for adventure to explore the exotic, will enjoy the thrills of trekking in the hills of Nepal. Walking through the interior of the country following ancient foot trails which meander through the scenic river banks, intricately terraced fields and the forested ridges connecting picturesque hamlets and mountain villages. These highly developed and well defined trails have been used for centuries.

Nepal offers an astonishing topographical variation with the altitude ranging from 70 meters to 8848 meters amidst a width of 193 kilometers. Similarly, within its limited area and bounds, Nepal enjoys all the climates with alpine, temperate and the tropical jungle regions determined by its incredible altitude variation.

Trekking in Nepal can be undertaken throughout the year. There are four seasons in Nepal. Each season has its distinct attractions to offer. The seasons are classified as follows:

Autumn (Sept-Nov) This season offers excellent weather and tantalizing mountain views. Winter (Dec-Feb) This season is noted for occasional snowfall only at higher elevations. Hence it is ideal for trekking at lower elevations, generally below 3000 meters.

Spring (March-May) Different varieties of wild flowers, specially the rhododendrons make the hillside above 5000 meters a haunting paradise during this season. It is mildly warm at lower elevations and at higher elevation over 4000 meters the mountain views are excellent and temperature is quite moderate.

Summer (Jan-Aug) summer months really continue up to mid-September making travel wet and warm. These times are blessed for the keen botanist as the higher valleys and meadows blossom with flowers and lush vegetation. It is recommended to carry insect repellent when trekking during summer months.

River Rafting
River rafting is journeying on the torrential river on an inflatable rubber boat. A river trip is often an adventure but not always. An amateur with a little sense of adventure can equally enjoy it. A river trip also provides opportunity for geological surveys and fishing. You are provided with life-vest to put on all the time while on the river. You are also provided with a helmet, when needed. A trained professional river guide heads the rafting team. Normally, all camping equipment and meals are provided by the river outfitter.

In a country like Nepal, a river trip is one of the best ways to explore a typical cross section of the country's natural as well as ethno-cultural heritage. Of course not as torrential as river rafting, but eminently more relaxing. The river is regarded as a form of goddess and used for the purpose of various religious rituals such as cremation under both Hinduism and Buddhism. A variety of cultural activities can be witnessed being performed along the river. The adjoining slopes of the river often harbor dense vegetation and interesting wildlife. Several varieties of fishes also abound in the Nepalese rivers.

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