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Phuket Beach, Thailand

Phuket in the 1994 needs no introduction to the international tourism community, from the jet set down to string budget globetrotters. The renowned Pearl of the Andaman Sea requires a big tome to catalogue and update its diverse attractions.

Phuket, 800 kms south of Bangkok on the Andaman Sea, is Thailand's biggest island and her smallest province. The size of Singapore, phudet has a local population of around 200,000 inhabitants but with five times the figures of transient visitors. Income used to come from tin-mines, marine products, rubber and coconut. Now tourism reigns supreme.

Phuket was "discovered" as an idyllic island retreat a mere two decades ago by the intrepid "hippies". Now, Phuket has turned into a full-fledged international resort island, the world's foremost venue of environmental-friendly water sports. Originally acclaimed for her beautiful pristine bays and coves, most of these treats have now given way to the presence of five-star hotels and resorts catering to international up market clientele. Thankfully, the developers and architects who put up the hotels had conscientiously preserved the natural surroundings. The high bracket and accomplished travelers have put Phudet de luxe hotels among the most unforgettable in the world.

One thing for sure, the southerners of Thailand are intelligent and hospitable. Inside the hotels, the guests will find immaculate service tendered by discerning staff. Out side, the people are friendly and warm. Not only the idyllic scenarios and lively atmosphere that appeal to the holiday spirit, Phuket's delights include also the international gourmet restaurants which quietly open up shops in the island Continental visitors need not feel homesick for their favorite dishes. Pick up a current copy of the free brochure "Phudet-Food- Shopping- Entertainment" at the hotel counter and read of the mouthwatering, updated descriptions of the recommended restaurants and their specialties. Many are written in the home dialects even.

Sightseeing in Phuket
An international airport now serves Phuket with regular scheduled international and chartered airlines. In anticipation that Phuket may by the only stop in the country for a good number of tourists, entrepreneurs have brought to the island new services that have been popular with tourists in other parts of the country.

A routine land tour of Phuket will include elephant and crocodile farm shows, butterfly garden with 1,200 species and tropical fish aquarium, and world famous orchids of Thailand, Thai Village showing the Folk life. A mankey school will fascinate visitors with the efficiency of the island's simian coconut plantation workers.
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