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Phuket Beach, Thailand

The Heroines Statue
The Heroines Statue on the road from the airport to town is a revered monument of Phuket erected in honor of a Phuket governor's wife and her sister who led Thai defenders to beat off a Burmese sneak attack on the island in the middle of the 19th century. At that time, the island governor was away on an official mission.

Sunset a Promthep
Cape From a viewpoint on top of the cape a grass carpeted promontory into the sea, the setting sun is a fiery, red disc starkly set out against tall coconut palms in the foreground. The multi-hued sky changes minutely as the crimson orb slides under the glowing horizon, every second a postcard picture.

Old Phuket Town
A Phuket city tour shows the post World War I mansions of the rubber barons and the tin tycoons of the mining era. The well-preserved Sino Portuguese style stucco buildings stand in splendid proportion with spacious landscaped gardens. The stately residences aptly reflect the affluence and the fine western taste that former time Phuket millionaires had acquired.

Vegetarian Festival
Those who come to Phuket during October 14-24 any year will see one of the world's unique festivals. For the ten days, the majority of the island population will become vegetarians. The more devout will clad themselves in white and observe strict abstinence. The act is to cleanse body and soul as offering to the nine Chinese gods of fate to safeguard the community from untoward incidence. The festival comes with a street procession of devouts. The unique part of the procession is the parade of self-immolating disciples from the various Chinese temples in Phuket. Young men and women walk in a trance with pointed instruments pierced to various parts of their bodies. The activities include walking a hundred yards over burning charcoal and climbing bare feet on ladders of upturned swords. A tourist joined in the act once believing it to be a morror trick, and almost had his foot cut in half. See these same disciples after the festival and observe that not even a scar exists to show what should have been gaping wounds. Why? Foods give you reasons Wise men never try.

Phuket Aquarium and National Biological Research Center
At Cape Panwa One of the top biological research centers of the world, the Phuket marine scientistís team had been responsible in providing considerable key data for the study of tropical fish. The center offers an impressive collection of live marine specimen in extensive aquarium.

Sea Sports
The Andaman Sea around Phuket offers seven months of ideallic boating and diving season, with one of the rare sailfish and blue marlin fishing waters and the world's most beautiful coral forests, particularly at the Similan Islands 70 kms from Phuket. Phuket's ideal yachting water gave birth to Asia's most prestigious yacht racing, the annual Phuket King's Cup Regatta. The regatta was started in 1986 in honour of H.M. the King, a gold medalist in the Asian Games sailing event held in Thailand. The event, held first week of December on the occasion of the King's birthday which falls on December 5, has grown in stature over the years. In 1993, there were close to 150 entries for the classic which was held off the beautiful Phi Phi Island, with entries from Australia, English, Germany, Holland, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and the host country. The organizing body is based at Phuket Yacht Club and Beach Resort at Nai Harn Bay.

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